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Date: November 12th – 21st.

Location: Isla Rio Cuale 4, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Organizer: Paulina Reynoso. 3222230788, rp@rivercafe.com.mx


Culinary Theme

Nurturing the Soul:

Spices in Pakistani Cuisine


Riaz Ahmad


Chef Ahmad is an Industrial Engineer by profession, but passionate about cuisine. He began acquiring culinary skills at an early age, by helping his family “fix” their dishes which lead him to perfect his style in fine cooking.

His philosophy is that food must not only stimulate the senses; but all the possible food must also provide health benefits to the body, fundamented on the Ayurvedic cooking principles: An ancient teaching on the balance between mind, body and spirit.

Chef Ahmad is the owner of Tandoor; that lists on Mexico’s 120 best restaurants; notable for their menu which explores with combinations of spices and herbs, resulting in authentic and exquisite Pakistan Cuisine.




Bruce Angel


A native of Guerrero, Chef Angel entered the culinary world in his youth; he began as a dishwasher at Planet Hollywood and he recalls rushing to finish his work in order to help in the kitchen.

Chef Angel arrived in Puerto Vallarta in time for the opening of River Cafe; where his initial training was experimental; motivated to learn and grow, he observed the work of renowned chefs who collaborated at River Cafe. In time, the owners recognized his efforts and financed his studies at the Franco – Mexican Institute of Gastronomy.

Twenty years later, Chef Angel is an established chef with a basic philosophy: To love and enjoy the art of creating dishes that will satisfy the palate.



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